Little Saint Nikki QAA (Nikki) – Pedigree


Nikki QAA NDL is the product of Clint and Kay Joyner’s excellent breeding program. Her pedigree is full of some of the top reproducers in the field trial game. Nikki is from a proven cross. She was on the derby list with limited starts. Most all of her brothers and sisters are on the derby list with some already obtaining their FC/AFC titles. Nikki’s sister, FC/AFC Carolina’s Acoustic Storm, reproduced the 2010 HIGH POINT DERBY DOG OF THE YEAR FC/AFC Carolina’s Half Moon. Most of her siblings are being professionally handled (i.e. Al Arthur and Dave Rorem). She has spent time on Al/Hugh Arthurs’s truck and with Dave Wilson in NC at Gold Leaf Retrievers. Nikki is a strong reproducer of All Aged, Qualifying events, Derbies, and Master Hunt tests. Nikki has over 19 pups that are running Open and Amateur events with open first place wins and qualifying events. Several are on the National Derby List, placed in Canadian Trials, Master Hunter Titles, and Senior Hunter titles. Hips: LR-190664E30F-PI Elbows: LR-EL49502F30-PI Eyes: LR-352341 CNM: CLEAR EIC: CLEAR

Drakes Prima Donna QAA / MH (Diva) – Pedigree

Diva is a nice looking 65 lb.yellow female with a very nice pedigree! Diva started her derby career with Hugh Arthur at Sandhill Kennels and earned derby points. She also earned her QAA status. Diva has also been trained/handled by Al Arthur in Open events. Diva has run Amateur events. She also spent a short time at Gold Leaf Kennels with Dave Wilson quickly earning her MH title with ease within 2 months. She is a pleasure to be around with an on/off switch and a statue on the line. She is super-fast and always eager to please. She is very strong in the water. Diva’s first litter turned 2 years old in September 2016. She has pups on National Derby List and some pups winning in the Qualifying Events. Several of her pups will be running in Open events this fall. Diva’s sire was a Winner and reproduced several nice dogs that have their FC/AFC and are winning today. Diva’s mother was sibling to the 2011 High Point Open Dog Of The Year FC/AFC Right On Target, FC/AFC Landover Goldendaze Yukon, FC Landover’s Ms. Mouse OFA HIPS LR-195729E28F-P OFA ELBOWS LR-EL53120F28-PI CERF LR-361168 CNM Clear EIC Clear

Docheno’s Chasing the Blue MH (Blue) – Pedigree

Blue is out of two proven reproducers.  Her pedigree is full of some of the top reproducers in the game! She earned her Master Hunter Title at 2 years old and will be heading north late this summer/fall to run QAA events. Blue is a very nice dog. She is quiet, extremely clean in the house or the kennel with an on/off switch. Blue is NOT a barker. She has a great water attitude and cold water does not bother her. She is a statue on the line watching her marks. Out of Blue’s siblings, there are 3 Master Hunters, 2 QAA, 1 on the National Derby List and some are running All Age Events. Blue is yellow factored. Blue’s Sire, POW, is a nice looking yellow that was very competitive and did a great job reproducing. Unfortunately, Pow passed away suddenly in the beginning of a good year while winning a first place in 2015. Blue’s Dam, Nikki, is a product of Clint and Kay Joyner’s excellent breeding program. She is doing an awesome job at reproducing! Her pups started placing in derbies at 10 months old. She has several on the derby list, QAA, Master Hunters, and running All Age Events.

Blue’s oldest pups are just turning 3 years old and have won in Derbies, Qualifying’s, Master Hunter Titles, Senior Hunter Titles, HRCH Titles, and run in Master Nationals. Several are getting ready to run Amateurs and Opens. Blue is showing that she is going to reproduce well like her mother, NIKKI QAA; and her Grandmother FC AFC Buns of Steel (Produced 8 FC AFC’s and multiple QAA and MH’s) and Carolina’s Electrik Gypsy (Produced 3 FC AFC’s, 9 NDL, several dogs that have Open and Amateur Placements and MH Titles). Blue earned her Master Title with ease. She is a nice looking well-built female that weighs about 60 lbs. Blue has TONS of retrieving desire and is a NATURAL WATER DOG!  OFA: HIPS Good, OFA: ELBOWS Normal, CERF: CLEAR, CNM: CLEAR, EIC: CLEAR. Tri-Factored.

Docheno Black Magic (Blackie) Plantation Gun Dog – Pedigree

Blackie is a very nice gun dog that is used on hunting preserves as a duck hunting guide dog. She has excellent marking and memory ability. Blackie is very good and steady with no vocal problems in the kennel or duck blind.  She is very personable, loving, and great with children.  Blackie was professional trained and excelled. Blackie has several MASTER HUNTER AND FIELD TRIAL Titles in her pedigree. She is black with nice coat and weighs around 62 Lbs. She loves the water and enjoys retrieving ducks and doves. Hips: Good, Elbows: Normal, Eyes: CERF Clear, EIC: Clear, CNM: Clear.

Docheno’s Running in the Black (Cash) MH – Pedigree

CASH is very fast and stylish female that is built like a tank. She is very strong in the img_0006water and it doesn’t get too cold for her. We have since made her one of our main Gun Dogs. Anyone can handle her, even a young or  inexperienced handler. CASH is a great asset to Docheno Kennels and we are happy to have her! Hips: Good, Elbows: Normal, Eyes: CERF Clear, EIC: Clear, CNM: Clear.




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Docheno’s Get Your Shine On QA2 (Shine) – Pedigree

Docheno’s Robber’s Stray Bullet Ricochet (Hottie) – Pedigree

Docheno’s Cosmic Blue Pursuit MH (Chase) – Pedigree

Docheno’s Dreaming of Blue Daisy Dukes JH (Daisy) – Pedigree


♥♥♥ Gone but Never Forgotten ♥♥♥

♥ Docheno’s Southern Bell  12/24/2011 — 5/29/2018  Pedigree