Chase x Mully

Docheno’s Cosmic Blue Pursuit MH x NAFC FC AFC Mulligan off the Rainy T 

NAFC FC AFC Mulligan off the Rainy T (Mully)

  • 2 Open wins. 2 Amateur wins. Qualifying win @ 23 mo. 3 Derby wins.
  • 23 derby points.
  • Earned FC and AFC titles in 2014.
  • National Open Qualifier 2014.
  • National Amateur Qualifier 2014, 9 series
  • National Amateur Qualifier and Finalist 2015
  • National Amateur Qualifier and Finalist 2016
  • National Open Qualifier 2016. 8 series
  • National Amateur Winner 2017
  • National Open Qualifier and Finalist 2017
  • EIC and CNM clear by parentage.
  • OFA Hips good LR-199445G24M-VPI
  • OFA elbows normal LR-EL55883M24-VPI
  • Eyes normal
  • EIC/CNM clear
  • Yellow-factored
  • He is nice looking male, approximately 75-80 lbs with an awesome temperament.


Docheno’s Cosmic Blue Pursuit MH (Chase)

  • Chase was born with a phenomenal pedigree!   Through training, she has transformed into an extremely stylish, fast, and hard charging dog!  Chase received her Master Hunter Title (AKC) with ease.  She is very strong in the water and is used as a waterfowl hunt guide dog during duck season.
  • OFA Hips:  Good LR-230990G#2F-VPI
  • OFA Elbows:  Normal LR-EL81649F32-VPI
  • EYE-CERF:  LR-EYE 13899/33F-PI
  • EIC:  Clear (Tested at University of Minnesota)
  • CNM:  Clear
  • DOB:  4/02/15
  • 65LB
  • Black (Yellow Factored)