Annie x Tubb

Docheno’s Rough Warrior Annie MH x NAFC FC AFC Texas Troubador

  • DOB January, 7 2018
  • Black Pups
  • Pedigree
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  • NAFC FC Texas Troubador (Tubb) is one of the most consistent ALL AGE Dogs running in Field Trials today.  Tubb has a loaded pedigree full of Winners, Reproducers and National Champions.  He is also reproducing like his ancestors.  While his pups are still young, Tubb has sired at least 7 FC, AFC or AFTCH.  Tubb has also sired 7 2017 National Amateur Contestants.  TUBB’s Accomplishments:  AA: 189pts.  Derby: 24 pts.  NRC: 2x Finalists.  NARC: 1x Winner, 2x Finalist.  2014 High Point Amateur Dog.
  • Docheno’s Rough Warrior Annie MH is a very nice looking black female that is Yellow Factored.  She weighs around 60lbs.  Annie is very strong in the water with an EXPLOSIVE water entry!  She is very fast and stylish on her marks and blinds.  She is a great companion at home and ready to work in the duck blind.Hips: LR-204667G25F (Good)
    Elbows: LR-EL59830F25 (Normal)
    Eyes: LR-EYE3768
    CNM: Clear
    EIC: Clear
Docheno's Rough Warrior Annie
Docheno’s Road Warrior Annie MH
NAFC FC AFC Texas Troubador
NAFC FC AFC Texas Troubador